Marketing Evolution

Marketing is an  organizational  effort  to  create  and  retain  profitable customers  through positive  relationship building between the organisation and its internal as well as external customers in a socially  responsible  manner.

In  order  to create  and  retain  profitable  customers, the marketing concept has become the  way of thinking with the customer located at the centre of the business. Over the  years the  concept of  market has  evolved from  one concept to the other.

In the earlier development of the marketing concept the role of the customer in the development of products had been  minimal,  until  latter developments  when  the customer  gained  a  centre  stage  in  the  product development  decisions.

The  underlying assumption of  all the  concepts, irrespective  of  the  market  era  in  which  they  were dominant, is to create and retain satisfied and profitable customers.

For  the achievement  of  business  objectives of creating  and retaining profitable customers.

The Production Philosophy  (1850-1900):

The  production  philosophy  is  assumes that consumers  are  mostly interested in product availability at low prices; its implicit marketing objectives are cheap, efficient production and intensive  distribution.

The Production philosophy does not work in most business practices today.  However,  where  the  business  objective  is  for expansion  to meet unsolicited  demands, or where new products are introduced, the production philosophy might be  a  good  complement  to  other  more  dominant philosophies. 



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