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Prospect Mapping

To effectively use content throughout the buying process, you must first understand the stages that your buyers go through when making a purchase decision. These purchase categories can be broken down into three basic levels: Awareness Stage - Consideration Stage - Decision Stage.

List Building

The very first step in Sales is to get the Right Party Contacts (RPC). This is achieved by building a list of RPCs who can be converted into leads. We prepare a list for your specific requirements based on Industries, Verticals, Titles, Revenue Bands, and/or etc., that helps you reach out to your potential clients better with the help of name, contact details and other important information as per your priorities.

Data Cleaning

If you already own a list of contacts, then we help you update their information as it helps to increase the productivity of the sales person. Our market research indicates that B2B prospect database decays at a rate of almost 25%-30% every year. This happens primarily due to changes in job, transfers, promotions and demotions. Without a periodic database maintenance program, more than half the information in this prospect database can be inaccurate within 2 years.

What makes us different?

Before you even start marketing your services, you need to know who you are targeting. Lead Striker helps you to target the right party contacts and also provides the services which can help to convert the RPC into a lead.
The data provided by us is represented in a consistent and unambiguous form. Each data sheet is prepared as per your requirement and is made especially for you. This tends to increase the accuracy of the contacts.
We offer the best & affordable pricing to our clients. Rates offered by us are affordable & value for money as compared to market prices.
We delivers the project in stipulated turnaround time given by the client. We make sure that the data is delivered on time with high accuracy.
We believes; confidentiality is an important principle in our business because it functions to impose a boundary on the amount of personal information and data that can be disclosed without consent.
Within 30 days of delivery we provide free replacement of contact (if any of the provided contact is found incorrect). We know that nothing in this world is perfect therefore we strive hard to archive the top most position in the client's service list by building and maintaining the trust and relationship.

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